What Makes it Powerful - The Ginex Way

Ilhwa Co ltd, the creator of Ginex, was founded in 1971, and became the world leader in Ginseng Science, establishing the Central Research Institute in 1981. With a vision to bring optimal health to people across the world, the company created Ginex in 2008 as a modern day panacea.

Ginex Granules are a highly concentrated form of pure ginseng extract. The granules easily dissolve in water.

GINEX SCIENCE is focused on retaining the integrity of the original root as created by nature. The roots are ORGANICALLY processed and KEPT WHOLE without peeling. This retains the critical harmonizing strength of the rootlet components.

GINEX is processed from roots NATURALLY CULTIVATED AND HARVESTED at the optimal time at 4 years and occasionally 5 years. This gives GINEX maximum density and balance of Ginsenosides. The 6 year root is too old

The Roots are NATURALLY sun dried without being subjected to high heat steam used in Red Ginseng. They then go through a proprietary and patented low heat vacuum extraction process. THIS process KEEPS ALL THE ROOT PROPERTIES and COMPONENTS INTACT.

Finally, lyophilization is used to remove moisture and create the granules.

GINEX: Power Up your Mind and Body!

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